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Breaking Curses And Releasing Blessings

Good evening everyone. I know most of us have truly put effort to life. We have all done our best to succeed, including me. Someway and somehow, it appears that our efforts seems not to be good enough and have not yielded the desired result. I have searched through some families to see who amongst them can anyone run to for assistance of a million naira or more and he can conveniently bring it out without such help affecting other projects in his own life.

Some may have the mind to help but the resources may not be available. No matter how rich anyone may be, if he/she is the only rich person in that family, he/she still very poor. How many persons can one help at the same time and within the same period and his/her reserve is not affected as well as depleted? When you are unable to help others in the time of need, there is no difference between you who think you have and are blessed and the one who do not have and lack at that material time.

If you pretend that all is well with you, that you are rich and well to do in your family and that you are not affected by the scourge of curses but you are unable to help anyone, you might just be considered as one who is probably self sufficient. Soon others will consider you a wicked man or woman who have “made it”, so to speak, but refused to help others.

Have you thought of the possibility of you having a need at  some time in your life, possibly in the future, and there is no one in your family that you can look up to? We all need each other. You may be having unnecessary enemies within your family because you pretend to have and that you are “well to do” whereas that is not the true state of affairs and the actual picture: everyone in your family is actually struggling in their different categories. Some might be better off than others but the truth is, “everyone have his own area of hidden pain” which they not want others to know. That is a pretentious lifestyle.

I have tried to search out through the years to find out about the cause of the problem. I have asked this simple question, “what is wrong with the family system?” As popular as some family name may be, in many cases there are no stars that have risen amongst them. I do not mean to insult anyone but to challenge us not to be docile about it but to take necessary and responsible actions to change the status quo.

We all can be stars in our different categories. It was in the search for answers that this one fact became explicitly clear: THERE IS A CURSE THAT MUST BE BROKEN SO THAT THE BLESSING CAN BE RELEASED.

It was on this premise I have been searching for the right time to address the issue as well as the right instrument that will put an end to this FOUNDATIONAL CURSE in the family so that men and women will be released to their full potentials. Make no mistake about this, there is no other appropriate time than this.

I am inviting everyone to do their utmost to be present in this one week with Rev. Dr. Benjamin Blossom who is coming from Asaba for this singular purpose to BREAK THE CURSE AND RELEASE THE BLESSING. The program begins 5pm 18th December till Sunday 24th December, 2017. It is 5pm daily.

What better way to end the year 2017 and begin a new one, 2018 with the fullest of the blessing? Our generation will not forgive us if we knew what to do to change the situation but did nothing about it. As a Gospel minister, I am doing my part today by bringing in this awesome Man of God with the mandate to break curses and release the blessings. I hardly invite ministers of the Gospel but this one is highly recommended.

The body of Christ will not remain the same after this program. I have posted this program many times without much comment or response. I woke up this morning and was moved to pen down this message to everyone who cares to listen.

Let’s take the bull by the horn: nothing changes until we are willing and ready to do something about it. The years of pretense are over. Let us face the actual fact that should not be disputed, overlooked nor ignored. THERE IS A CURSE OR CURSES THAT NEED TO BE BROKEN FOR THE BLESSING IN THE FAMILY TO BE RELEASED.

Maybe, it would have been difficult to reach everyone but thank God for the technology of our day. Please, tell as many as you can reach even those who are not in the social media networks. Let everyone create time to attend this 7 days yoke breaking services. We shall all be liberated from whatever shackles that have kept us behind and under.

Again, I reiterate, Wao! What a great way to end the year and begin a new one? Join us and Rev. Dr. Benjamin Blossom on the 18th – 24th December in this program tagged: “BREAKING THE CURSE & RELEASING THE BLESSING” holding 5:00pm Daily @Glory House Ministries, 218 Asoro Upper Ekewan Rd, Opposite Federal Ministry of Environment, Before Utagban Junction, Benin City. You can reserve your FREE seat at:

Do not miss this rare opportunity. It began on Monday 18th December and to end on Sunday 24th December, 2017. This is the time for everyone to wake up. Let’s do it right this time. See you there! Call 2348035664961 for further inquiries.

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