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Politics In Nigeria

Politics in Nigeria is taking a dimension that is worrisome in all ramifications. Changing the label of a commodity does not actually change nor transform the content of its package. If rat is in your house and is destroying your valuables, changing its name to call it “cat” does not change it destructive tendencies. Changing the label of rat poison to vitamin C will not change the way it will react in your body if you swallow it. Swallowing the rat poison because of what is written on the label, “Vitamin C” will be suicidal.

If you bring to your home a wild hyena or a lion, rebranding its name to a dog does not in any way change its nature. Rebrand a leopard or tiger by changing the colour of its skin and expect it to change its behaviour overnight, that may end in futility because you may come home one day and see casualties on ground. Reformation and taming has to happen for hyenas or leopards to abandon their carnivorous nature.

It appears that the problem of this nation is “political recycling” where the same political actors change party affiliation by merely migrating from one ruling party to another without actually changing their political ideology and philosophy nor changing their behaviour.

If a prisoner is taken out of prison to work outside of his confinement: change his prison uniform and give him new clothes to put on, put him in the same environment where he committed the offence that earned him the prison sentence, will you expect him to behave differently? If he, while in prison had not gone through any reform process or any measure of rehabilitation done, he might still be tempted to play out exactly the same act that took him to prison in the first place or this time he might do it more professionally and avoid being caught.

Does a criminal change because he leave one neighbourhood for another? It is actually all about the individual and not the neighbour that makes who he is. So is the political party. It does not have the power to change the person but the person does have the power to change even his party’s ideology at anytime even when it is at the detriment of him losing his position if he chooses to do so. It is not a question about PDP, APC, APGA, LABOUR, etc. It is about the individuals involved that matters. Late Arch Bishop Benson A. Idahosa of blessed memory said, “a lizard in Africa cannot become a crocodile in America”.

I wonder why Nigerians expect so much from our politicians just because they change party affiliation. The question we should ask is, “when they were in the previous party, were they seen to be outstanding and different from the other party members in their ideology and operations? Were they an exception to the rule?

Was it because they were not in support of the way and manner things were done in their party that made them to decamp from the former party to a new one or is it because they were not given a new ticket that triggered the change of party? Was it while their party was still in power and was obvious that their previous party will still remain in power but they decided to damn the consequences that they still cross carpeted to a new party irrespective of their present position and they risked losing that position just to become part of the party whose ideology seems to be in line with what they believed?

If their change of party was as a result of the fact that their former party is no longer the ruling party or because it is no longer the popular opinion, we should not expect so much from them. Changing the name of palm oil to groundnut oil does not change the taste of the soup. Goat meat in the soup does not become bush meat by simply changing its name to antelope. If you want to eat bush meat , go to the bush and hunt for one.

If we need a change in our polity let us not continue to recycle the same “commodity” and breed of persons in different brand names. We will end up deceiving ourselves. It is like a rollercoaster ride. The nation will continue in the same vicious circle and nothing will change. Let us not preach or vote parties but let’s vote people for who they are and not for the political party they belong. Let us do background checks on our candidates and support them not on the face value but on the content of their character as individuals.

Should we continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result? Let’s be wise and build together a nation that our children would be proud of.

I am not a politician neither am I a registered member of any political party. I do not also think of joining any political party soon. I am a registered voter and will use my card when I find a credible candidate irrespective of the party he/she may belong. I think, I have a right to do so.

This is just an honest and humble opinion, don’t crucify me for it. If you think this opinion is wrong, then tell us your opinion and let the people judge for themselves.

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