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Responding To Critics

Knowing How To Respond To Critics

Self control is a virtue. Meekness is not weakness. Humility is not humiliation.

Those who do not ride rough with their pen or tongue is not because they are not lettered or not potent with words, they might be proficient in literary matters but being guided by ethics they may be viewed and seen as docile.

It is a sign of maturity and leadership. Leaders don’t respond so quickly to critics.

Critics always tend to demean your potentials and good qualities but amplify what they deem as your frailty only to eventually find out that they are making false assumption not really knowing anything because what they think they know of you is what you were willing to show them. From a far you can’t see it all.

Their opinion does not actually matter nor count if you are sure of who you really are.

Do not become guilty by reacting wrongly to criticism as well as poorly managing the situation created by the critics.

Do not also become critical and bitter because of criticism. It may either help shape your life positively or negatively. It is always about what we choose to make out of it.

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