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How Did We get Here?

The Nigerian Political Scenario: How did we get here?

It beats my imagination some times when a supposed educated individual is defending a particular political party or candidate at his own peril. Whenever and wherever it happens, I always ask the question, “how did we get here?”

Why do you think that this particular political party is qualified to take this nation to the next level?

When they promised you change, you did not ask, “what kind of change?”

When the change came, you are all complaining.

Now they are promising you, “Next Level”, you have failed again to ask, “what kind of next level?”

When the “NEXT LEVEL” will begin, I hope you will not cry again then?

It is unfortunate that most Nigerians will not ask questions, they simply follow. It seems Nigerians are the most vulnerable to hypnosis when it is on the premises of religion, relationship and politics.

That is why it is easy for so called prophets to take another man’s wife to the stream for a naked spiritual bath. They will not ask question.

That is why a mechanic can use a customer’s car to front himself as a successful man to cajole the most sophisticated lady and take her to bed only to abandon her later. They will not ask questions.

That is why they will fight to defend the same politicians who have brought them only woes and suffering without giving course to common sense to see the same breed of people as the reason for their present predicaments.

When are we going to ask questions or learn? Should we remain as the lamb led to the slaughter and remain dumb for ever?

They told us, “let’s make Nigeria work again”. In the first place, “who spoilt it in the first instance”?

Some of you will tell me, “it is PDP” and that is why you want me to join you to vote APC for another four year governance.

Please, can you show me substantial new faces in APC that is not a migrant from PDP?

Plastic is plastic but when you recycle it into rice, it becomes poisonous to those who eat it. The leopard does not change it spots.

It is unfortunate that what we have in Nigeria politics is rebranding without changing the content. We only change the package without considering the content in the package.

How long will you make mosquito your friend and it will not cause you malaria?

How long will you continue to play with fire and not get burnt?

As for me, there is no difference between the parties: PDP and APC if the same players are still in the field of play but only just changing sides and jerseys and expect a different and outstanding pattern of play.

This is a personal opinion. You may agree or disagree. You may as well criticize me for my honest opinion. It does not matter to me but time will tell that we should not trust these politicians because they said so.

They only throw few grains to the crowd and go away with the best of the nation’s resources and leave us to be fighting, debating and arguing amongst ourselves while they and their cronies are enjoying our collective patrimony.

If they know that we will accept whatever they throw at us because it seems a better alternative to what have been obtainable over the years, they will keep playing on our collective intelligence.

They owe us a duty to deliver on their promises but because we do not hold them accountable, they do whatever they want to do knowing that when they come again to us we will still give them the opportunity to get back to the seat of government on the basis of comparison of one political party against another or one candidate against another over what seems to be their apparent and slightly better performance.

Take it or leave it, we need to hold our leaders accountable. Let it be known that any mistake we make in choosing the wrong leader in this forth coming election, we will have to bear with the consequences of that error for another four years, eight years, twelve years, sixteen years, twenty years or even eternity.

Be Wise and make the right choice this time. Do not sell your vote. Do not compromise. Do not let anyone lure you into making the wrong choice of candidates because of peanuts and handouts.

Whenever I see people fighting over a political party or particular candidate who do not even care whether they exist while the so called politicians are fraternizing together without considering the way they feel about it, I wonder and ask, “how did we get here?” Who have bewitched us? Who have hypnotized us?

Can that yoke not be broken? Can we not say no to those who are using us to achieve their personal purpose and benefits while in turn enslaving us.

It time to forget about party affiliation. It is our future and the destiny of our children that they may be toiling with. Let us do what is right!

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