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Glory House Ministries

Welcome to Glouse Ministries 

The vision of the Lord to us and the team that constitutes the family that makes up Glory House Ministries, is to “raise an army for a divine assignment” to reach the world in our time through the preaching of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the great shepherd of the sheep and the Bishop of our souls who conquered death and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel.

Our primary purpose is to glorify God by teaching and living the truth as we find it in scriptures and by demonstrating in a visible way that God answers prayer today as willingly and as liberally as He promised in scriptures.

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Join School of Disciples. We are currently undergoing a training program for the young converts, the growing believers, the church workers, the intending ministers and the young ministers of the gospel.

Send your child to Glory House Academy (GHA) today. Do you know that you can sponsor a child back to school this session?.

Our Vision

We know that every God given vision enlarges with time and is progressive. However, we have a blueprint for accomplishing the vision of Reaching, Raising and Restoring humanity to the Edenic order of creation.

Our Ministry  

This is towards fulfilling the second part of the commission, “DISCIPLINE THE NATIONS”. The focus and emphasis here is on TRAINING: making every believer an effective witness for Christ.

Our Pastors:

Joy O. Jesuorobo – Resident Pastor
Enoma Christopher Osakhiuwu – Pastor
Sunday Oghenero John – Pastor
Abraham Momodu Odion – Evangelist
Alex Atanke Omoike – Evangelist

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