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Welcome to Pulpitalive

Pulpit Alive is the outreach platform of the ministry of Elisha Godwin Jesuorobo, Senior Pastor, Bread of Life Glory House Ministries founded on the 4th of April, 1999. The commission is dedicated to the work of the Lord in consonance with the word of the Lord to the Senior Pastor, “…raise me an army for a divine assignment; feed them with bread of life and I will cause my glory to rest in the house”.

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In pursuance of the vision, the four major arms of the ministry were initiated. Namely:

  1. Outreach – Pulpit Alive.
  2. Church – Bread of Life Glory House Ministries.
  3. Discipleship – School of Disciples.
  4. Education – Glory House Academy.

Each of them is independently running in pursuance of the vision bringing souls closer to their maker and the saviour who died on the cross for our redemption with Pulpit Alive serving as an umbrella through which the other arms are expressed.

Partner with us! For partnership details, call: 23452290783, 2348055968039. or click HERE

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218, Along Asoro-Upper Ekewan Road, P. O. Box 1623,
Opposite Setraco Construction Company,
Before Utagban Junction,
Benin City, Edo State,

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…preparing the bride for the Lord Jesus Christ!

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